The Buonopane Partition

Ezra Buonopane writes in with this new proposal, with some nice ideas.  I particularly like naming big swaths of the Louisiana Purchase as ‘Jefferson.’  That’s a nice touch, Ezra!

[Edit, June 2015: Ezra writes in with further details about each nation!]

Commonwealth of Atlantic America
Capital: Washington
Probably inherits a large part of the United States’s global military and diplomatic power, exerts sizable economic influence on the rest of the New Nations. Competes with California economically as well as diplomatically. Is a nuclear power

Huron Republic
Capital: Chicago
Another powerful and influential country, however, Huron is overshadowed by Atlantic America. Probably will try to no avail to compete with Atlantic America and California.

Confederacy of Sarasota
Capital: Atlanta
Sarasota is a poor country that is largely dependent on Huron and Atlantic America for everything except agriculture. Its primary exports include rice and corn.

Republic of Texas
Capital: Austin
Largely economically self sufficient, Texas’s primary trading partner is Mexico, which it exports oil, cattle, and natural gas to in return for consumer products. Texas does not have strong diplomatic relations with the rest of the New Nations.

Lakota Federation
Capital: Jefferson City
Lakota is primarily an agricultural economy. Like Sarasota, Lakota is dependent on Huron and California and exerts little influence over surrounding nations.

Northwestern Republic of Jefferson
Capital: Denver
Jefferson is often described as an extension of California. Several Californian diplomats are always present and exersise an overt influence over the Senate and President of the Northwestern Republic. Coconino and California get most of their water from Jefferson

State of Coconino
Capital: Phoenix
Coconino is primarily an import nation and has seen a major population exodus since independence to to lack of water and federal funding. Federating with California is being seriously considered.

People’s Republic of California
Capital: Sacramento
California exerts major influence over the neighboring countries of Jefferson and Coconino. Coconino is expected to federate within 10 years of independence, and Jefferson within 30. Like Atlantic America, California is a major world power and has nuclear weapons.