The AMCAlmaron Arrangement

Deviant Art user AMCAlmaron posted a proposal that just came to our attention recently!  You can see it in its native habitat here.  Here’s what AMCAlmaron has to say about his proposal:

Being a fan of old countries that used to exist all over the world, I decided to try and restore some of these. In my version, the United States now uses the Original Flag – Thirteen Stars and Stripes; each star referring to one of the twelve territories and one representing the overseas territories. Each territory would have its own flag reflecting the regional history, but somewhere on each flag would be something tying it to the United States – such as thirteen stars or stripes added to their flag.

Some of these are historical regions, and some are new inventions. I’m a little rusty on things, but if I recall correctly…

*Appalachia really refers to the mountain range that runs through several Eastern States, but I couldn’t find a historical region for this area, and so it seemed the nearest thing (although New Albion might be a better stretch).

*Alta California was the name for the Southwest Coast back before it was captured from Mexico. It would use the Bear Flag, but with thirteen stars added to the red stripe.

*Charlotina was a colony that was proposed, but never implemented in a small part of the Great Lake area. Not only does this give it a historical name, but it groups the entire “Great Lakes” subregion together.

*Columbia was the British name for the territory debated over by both the Brits and the Americans (who called it Oregon. I think Columbia was used first, plus it’s sometimes used to personify the U.S., but it could always be called Cascadia, as was suggested in another plan to chop up the U.S.

*Deseret was a State proposed by Mormons that was never implemented (it was way too big and had really stupid borders). Not sure of what their flag could be.

*Dixie consists of parts of the “Old South”. It could use the Confederate Flag, unless that’s deemed racist.

*Florida consists of the limits of the original Spanish Colony of Florida. Their flag would be the Spanish Flag with Thirteen Stars running along it, like the Confederate Flag.

*West & East Louisiana are two halves of the Louisiana Territory – the West containing the Great Plains – which was bought from the French. For that reason, their flags could have thirteen Fleur-de-lys (Funny thing, I read that the State Of Louisiana was formerly the Territory Of Orleans. Seems fairly silly to me that they changed both names in the end; making the State Louisiana, and the Territory a place whose name was changed so many times as new States were carved out of it).

*New England consists of the region commonly dubbed New England. I suppose their flag could be a Union Jack on thirteen stripes, or perhaps the original British Red Ensign Flag that was used, or even one of the historical “Flag[s] of New England” listed on Wikipedia.

*Texas is based off – changed the top so it sat with Louisiana better – the claimed borders of the Republic Of Texas (Briefly toyed with calling it Comancheria; a short-lived region name). They could use their present Lone Star flag, but with Thirteen Stripes.

The last two regions would be Alaska and the various islands that are U.S. Territory.

I know I drew this map using a Wikipedia base, and I think the various border sources are either ones I used in other maps here, or ones made using existing ones. Either way, it’s not original – credit to those who drew them.